Thursday, December 5, 2013

May 2013 . . . Preschool Graduation

We loved the preschool Davis went to - Preschool Express.  His teachers, Angie and Debbie ( a mom and daughter!) were fantastic and the curriculum was wonderful.  Davis learned so much!  Not just ABC's and 123's, but mold, decay (they watched a pumpkin decay over time!), water cycle, what's in an egg, field trips to the fire station and the dentist.  They also had several different areas, and Davis and Payson (Bird) loved the dramatic play area.  In fact, when the teachers changed it from snowballs to something else, they both cried and Davis didn't want to go back.  But he did after much cajoling.  At the graduation we got to hear some of the songs they had practiced and watch them walk across the stage and get diplomas.

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Anonymous said...

He's now a preschool graduate! Congratulations!