Wednesday, December 4, 2013

May 2013 . . . And back in time again

After going through most of my summer pictures, I found the folder of May pictures.  May.  I don't even have an excuse for skipping May.  So, for the sake of preserving May 2013, hold on to your hats because we are going back in time again.

To start, just a super cute picture of Davis blowing bubbles.  I wish I had kept track of all the bubble solution we go through because Davis LOVES bubbles.

And Davis LOVES cooking.  Here he had free reign to do as he pleased with all his ingredients (uncooked noodles, cheese sauce packet, dry beans, sunflower seeds, flour, sugar . . .) and he created recipes for a very long time.  He really wanted me to taste them, but I respectfully declined.  Noah also got a chance to "cook," although he was able to make his mess in just a few minutes and then he was done.  And the diaper ensemble . . . all I can say is he loves being a "naked boy."


Anonymous said...

what lucky boys to have a mom who will let them "cook" THEIR way!


MJ said...

I used to do this at my grandmas all the time! I don't think anyone else tried them.