Friday, January 11, 2013

We love sledding!

This is the first year Davis and liked sledding.  Before, we could talk him into going down the hill in our backyard once, then no more.  But this year, he will spend hours out there.  First he (and Darren) shovels snow onto the patio to lengthen the track.  Then he tromps up the hill with the sled in tow, and finds the perfect spot to slide down.  And then . . . well, he slides down.  And over and over again.  And if he wears down the snow, he takes a break to shovel more snow onto the track.

This winter is the first time Noah has had the chance to go sledding and he LOVES it!  But he does not love playing in the snow.  I tried sitting him down with a shovel, but he stuck his hand in the snow, pulled it out and started crying because it was covered in snow (it had a glove on, but he still didn't like it).  So for playing, Davis and I wait for Noah's nap time and then go out.

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Diana Ralphs said...

You have the perfect sledding hill right in your backyard! Enjoy!!