Friday, May 18, 2012

Two Boys and a Pile of Dirt

I have been sitting at our kitchen table for the last hour, looking out our wonderful big windows to the backyard and watching Davis and his friend, Lincoln, playing.  It rained all morning here, so the dirt in the garden is wet, but not muddy (thankfully).  They are both in bare feet, digging and building and playing in the garden.  Lincoln has our child-sized "big" shovel and Davis has a big mixing spoon and I am sure they have moved every particle of dirt to a new spot since they have been out there.  Their feet are caked in dirt because everyone knows shoes just get in the way.  Their hands are also covered in dirt because they needed to use their hands for the precise placement and patting of the dirt on the rocks.  They haven't stopped moving.  They haven't stopped talking and working together.  I wish I could hear what they were saying, but I am sure my presence would ruin it all.  They are as happy as two little boys could be in a garden full of dirt.  That is what childhood is all about.  I am lucky to get to witness it.

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Anonymous said...

This is one of the precious moments of motherhood. Treasure it and hold it close to your heart. You are so very lucky to be a part of it!