Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let me tell you about Noah

Noah is my sweet baby.  Who is growing too fast.  And who is the most beautiful baby in the world.  Yes, the world.  Yes, I am sure.  Because I have strangers stop and tell me so.

When Noah was born, he had lots of curly hair.  As he was  . . . um, being born. . . one nurse said he had dark hair.  At the same time, the other nurse said he had light hair.  After he was  . . . out. . . and cleaned up, his hair was definitely dark.  Most of the time.  In natural sunshiny light, his hair was silvery light.  I have never seen anything quite so unique.  Now he still has curly hair, but it is the same color all the time - light brown.  He has a very pronounced cowlick in the front so that the very front section of his hair sticks straight up all the time.  Luckily it kinds of blends in with the rest of the curls on top.

Noah's eyes have always been very dark brown.  They are big, beautiful, and can melt my heart.  His cheeks are perfectly chubby and his features are the perfect size for his perfect face.

Noah loves to be sung to.  His favorite seems to be the ABC song.  When there is music or singing, he kind of bops to the beat.   I first noticed this when we were at story time at the library.  I had him sitting on the floor in front of me when the  story time lady turned on a song.  Noah immediately started bopping to the beat.  And stopped when the music stopped.  How cute is that!  Sometimes I put music on and we all dance.  Noah likes to be held up so he is standing and I help him get his groove on.

In the boys' room, there is an ABC poster that is very colorful and has animals with each letter.  Noah LOVES to stare at it.  We sit in the brown glider chair after he has been fed and he is so content to just pat the chair of the arm and stare at the poster.

Noah's favorite color seems to be red.  He loves carrots, prunes, and most other foods.  Except peas.  And green beans.  Won't touch anything with either one of those in it.  He loves his sippy cup and actually drinks water from it sometimes.  More often he prefers to just chew on it.  He cannot crawl, but is extremely adept at rolling.  He cannot walk, but loves to be held so he is standing up.  He has no teeth, but I swear he has been teething for months now.  He does not say real words, but babbles alot.  Mamamama, bababababa, and he blows his lips like a horse sound.  Sometimes he does that while he is eating and all the food comes back out and he thinks it is funny.  He also loves to gurgle when he has just nursed and has an extra liquedy mouth.

Noah liked using a binky for only the first few months.  For those few months, I would wrap him up tight, lay him on my lap, hold the binky in, and sway him back and forth.  And he would fall asleep every time.  After four months or so, he quite taking a binky.  And going to sleep anywhere besides his crib or car seat.  He falls asleep great in his crib.  He naps great during the day.  But when we happen to be out at church or other events, he will not fall asleep.  We can walk him and bounce him with no success.  Ok, Darren can occasionally get him to sleep if there is a dark, quiet room.  Noah gets extremely wriggly when he is tired and it makes church really hard!  Now Noah sucks on his first two fingers (usually on the left hand) when he is tired and ready to go to sleep.  As I am holding him before putting him in bed, he often brings his right arm over his left hand, as if to hold those fingers in.  It is so cute and snuggly!

Noah was never a great sleeper at night.  Up three or four times a night all the way up to 9 months old.  We tried everything to "fix" the problem, but we never knew what was bothering him and making him wake up so much.  Finally, I was done.  He was almost nine months old and I just couldn't get up again.  We let him cry.  He cried for about an hour.  Then slept for the next six hours.  For a few days after that he woke up once a night and I fed him and put him back down.  After that, when he woke up, he only cried for a few minutes and went back to sleep.  And slept through the night.  Now he sleeps about 12 hours a night.  Without being fed.  Bliss.

Noah loves Davis.  Most of the time.  He loves it when Davis is silly.  He loves it when Davis jumps up and down.  He loves it when Davis falls down.  He does not love it when Davis pushes him over.  He does not love it when Davis uses his face as a road for his cars (yes, true story).  He does not love it when Davis roars.

And those are just a few of the things I hope to remember about my sweet baby Noah.

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Anonymous said...

You are so wise to write these things down. As you have more children, you will forget these precious, special things about Noah when he was a baby. Also, congratulations for figuring out how to get Noah to sleep through the night! That's progress!

Both Davis and Noah are so very blessed to have you for their mother!