Tuesday, January 31, 2012

And now, let me tell you about Davis

Davis is such a smart boy.  He started talking early and hasn't stopped since.  He loves words.  He loves to know what they mean.  He loves to tell stories and read stories.  He has started making up words when he can't think of the right word to express what he wants.  He makes up names for himself when he is pretending to be a T-Rex or lion or bear.  He has always surprised us with the sentences he says.

Davis's favorite color is blue.  He loves to roar.  He loves puzzles and books.  He likes to play with his little toy dinosaurs and bears.  He likes to watch movies.  His favorites are Ice Age (and the others that followed), Madagascar, and The Bee Movie.  He loves Curious George, Clifford, and Word World.  He used to love Elmo, but I think maybe he is outgrowing that stage.

Davis loves blueberries and meatballs and bananas and yogurt.  He eats cereal for breakfast everyday.  With the occasional exception of chocolate oatmeal (Malt-O-Meal).  His favorite thing to order at restaurants is a hamburger.  With plenty of ketchup for dipping.

Davis loves School Time.  He likes to learn new things and create things with scissors and glue and markers and paint.  Especially paint.  He LOVES paint.  Davis notices letters everywhere.  He will point out the ones he sees when we are out shopping or reading a book.  He likes me to say a word and he will tell me what letter it starts with.

Davis has always been a great sleeper.  I mean a really, really great sleeper.  He napped really well during the day and only stopped taking a nap when he was 3 1/2 years old.  I had hoped he would keep napping until kindergarten, but  . . . oh well.  When he was a baby, he would only sleep in his crib or his car seat.  Vacations were a nightmare because of that.  But when we were at home, it was wonderful.  Now he goes to bed about 8 pm and will sleep until 7:30 am.  He sleeps through Noah crying at night.  If he takes the occasional nap and we have to wake him up, he is grumpy.  And I mean the kind of grumpy that lasts for the next few hours.  He has always sucked his thumb when he is tired and going to sleep.

Davis hates kisses.  Weird, I know.

Davis is going through a stage filled with separation anxiety.  He used to love going to other people's homes while Darren and I went out on a date.  Not anymore.  He cries and throws a fit of epic proportions.  Darren has to go to Primary and stay with him.  I am hoping he will grow out of this.  Soon.

Sometimes Davis gets scared and comes and climbs in bed with us.  Then he snuggles in as close as he can.  He curls up so close to me and falls asleep.  I love it.  He tries to do the same thing on my lap in Sacrament meeting when he is so tired.  It doesn't work so well there.

Davis loves to cook with me.  I hope he will learn something.  And remember it.  So he can cook for his wife someday.  She will love me for it.

What a sweet, smart, independent, strong boy Davis is!

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