Saturday, November 19, 2011

Messes and Cookies - almost synonymous

Davis and I made gluten-free sugar cookies yesterday.  We also made several glorious messes in the process.  First you have to make the dough (using a "flour blend" made from several different gluten-free flour-like substances) and then let it sit in the fridge to firm up.  Mess #1.  Cleaned it up and had lunch.

Then you take the dough out of the fridge, roll it out, cut out the cookies and bake it.  Mess #2.  Davis had his own little pile of dough that he rolled and re-rolled.  It kept getting smaller because he kept eating the pieces that cracked on the edges.

Then you frost the cookies after they have cooled.  Mess #3.  Davis gets his own bowl of frosting to use because he licks his knife to "clean it" (he says) before he puts it back in the bowl.  Every time.  Those are not the cookies we share with others.

The cookies turned out pretty yummy.  And all the steps and all the messes filled our day and kept Davis happy and busy.

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Making memories!