Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

There seem to be alot of blogs that have a "Wordless Wednesday" post with mostly pictures. I don't have any new ones uploaded, but I've always got an excess of words to share (lucky for you I don't post them all) so here is a "Wordy Wednesday" post. . .

  • Exhilarating: how it feels to have short hair with a warm breeze blowing on my neck.
  • Peaceful: how it sounds to only hear the rhythmic motion of Noah's swing during nap time. Which is right now. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth . . . .
  • Arrrgghh: not really a word, but a collection of letters that describes how I feel most nights when I crave ice cream. It seems to upset Noah's stomach, so I am trying oh so hard to stay away from it. And I do mean, oh so hard.
  • Apologetic: how I felt this morning when I threw (not literally. Well, not entirely literally) Davis in his room for spilling the small bottle of iron supplement drops for Noah that cost $24. It was technically an accident. But I had told him not to touch the bottle while I tried to get Noah to take the drops. And just so you know, that liquid is rather sticky.
  • Guilty: see above for my daily dose of guilt.
  • Excited: so very, very excited to take Davis to Disneyland in October. And Sea World. And the Wild Animal Park. Wahoo!
  • Clueless: Let's see, for dinner we will have . . . . um . . . This seems to be a daily dilemma.
  • Anxious: as we wait to hear back about a different job opportunity for Darren. He would be working at home, writing tech support manuals. He would be great at it and I hope he gets it!
Well, that is all that comes to mind right now. I didn't really start out planning to have them all emotion words, but that's just what came out. Stay tuned for more words. Possibly put into actual paragraphs next time. Probably accompanied by pictures of my cute boys.

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Anonymous said...

Life is full of emotions, some productive, some not so productive. We all struggle with them.

We love you.