Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Inspiration from a Vacation

Today I found this picture in a folder on the computer where Darren had saved pictures he had taken using his phone. I had never seen it before, although I remember him taking it. I instantly fell in love with the picture because of the beautiful simplicity it represents. It reminds me of the kind of mom I want to be every day, not just on vacation.

Darren took this photo while we were on vacation at Lake Tahoe with my dad's extended family. The rest of the family had left on a hike while we waited for Davis to wake up from his nap, so we started out on our hike a ways behind everyone. One the way we found a little area just off the trail where there was a small "beach" of sorts by the lake. So we stopped, took off our shoes, and stuck our toes in the water. It was a warm day, a beautiful lake, and quiet except for the sweet voice of Davis squealing when his toes touched the water.

This picture reminds me to:

Stop and enjoy the simple moments. You don't have to rush through the hike. It is beautiful every step of the way.
Hold hands. Soon your children won't want to.
Remember that nature is God's gift to remind us how much he loves us. Enjoy it, whatever part is your favorite.
Stop worrying about "catching up" with everyone around you. Love where you are and what you have.

Project 52: Glimpse Into Motherhood



Anonymous said...

With this entry, you have reminded me of days gone by, of motherhood memories I hold close to my heart, and of things that are most important in life's journey.

Thank you.


Lora said...

Very sweet post, and such a cute picture. Always a good reminder :)