Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wit and wisdom from this week

I wish I had something important or funny or uplifting to post. I don't. I just have the time to post something. So here are random facts from our week:

I bought new maternity clothes yesterday. I was just looking for new pants. But the girl working in Motherhood Maternity brought me an armload of shirts she "just thought would look great on me." None of them were from the sale rack. None of them looked good enough to pay full price. Until "the one." It was hot pink. Breathtaking, really. Made me feel pretty. I looked at the price tag and put it in the "no thanks" pile. But is there really a price you can put on that feeling that you look gooood. Especially when you are pregnant? Apparently not, because those of you that live close to me will see me sporting new jeans and a new hot pink shirt constantly because it makes me feel good. (Don't judge me. I am not bragging about the fact that I actually look good. Just the fact that I feel good. And it wasn't super expensive. Just not the $5.99 special at ShopKo.)

I'm pretty sure Davis still has ear infections even though we just finished the antibiotics. I'm pretty sure we will have to go back to the doctor again next week. And I'm pretty sure I really don't want to.

I love pizza. I could eat it every day. But I don't and that has got to count as some kind of self-control. I can't say the same thing about ice cream.

I have a massive dilemma. I love to get my hair cut. The whole experience is so relaxing; someone washing my hair for me, gently brushing it, carefully crafting a new look, and styling it in a way that will never again happen at home because I just can't do it like that. The problem is, I want to keep growing my hair longer. So - I really want to go get a hair cut. I just don't want my hair cut.

From Darren:
He's watching me type this and is probably thinking what a waste of time for anyone to read this because it is so boringly normal (which he is vehemently denying now) so I asked him if he wanted to add anything. He said, "Have a good week." I'm not sure that is any better.

Darren also says he wishes we could go a whole week without someone in the family being sick. (It's been his turn with this yucky virus. I feel sympathy for him, but slightly less than I should because he can take Advil and Nyquil and whatever else he wants. What did pregnant me get? Nothing but Tylenol.)

Davis goes to bed asking for a popsicle so I placate him by telling him he can have one the next day. So the next morning he almost always asks for a popsicle as soon as he wakes up. I placate him again by telling him he can have one after breakfast. Most mornings he eats his breakfast and gets involved with other things and forgets. But one morning this week he actually had colors picked out for each of us when he woke up (orange for Darren, purple for me, and blue for himself) and quickly ate his breakfast then stated it was time for popsicles. Well, he had done everything I asked and I was trapped by my own words. So at 8 am the three of us sat down on a towel (a must when eating popsicles in the house) and ate our preassigned popsicles.

I am so glad I get to be home with Davis every day because I get to hear him use words like though (when asked to get clothes on he replied, "I'm fixing the chair though."), probably, yep, and sure. My recent favorite - "I am just looking for a second (as a way to postpone doing something he doesn't want to do)." or "You stay there. I'll be right back" (with pointer finger extended to add emphasis.)

We still haven't found the right name for our sweet little boy who is due in April. Possibilities: Thomas, Hudson, Hunter, Eli, Elam, Drew, Max, Grayson, Jesse (I have brother named Jesse. We haven't told him his name is in the running). Davis's suggestion? Baby Brother. So be it for now. Any input from others older than 2 1/2 is welcome.

And that, my family and friends, is all the important, funny, and uplifting things I have to share with you today. I know I said I don't have anything to say at the top of this post. And then I wrote and wrote and wrote. Darren thinks that is funny.


Kaija said...

that was so entertaining to read! You make me laugh! Heck yes you bought the pink shirt! Anything that makes you feel good is a must. So many things around us make us feel well, not good! So money doesn't put a price on beauty! or what we think we look like in the outfit :) I should be a motivational speaker I know! Well I love your names! Don't name him Grayson. I have a grayson in my class who is loud, obnoxious and doesn't listen. You don't need that :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to read your "random" thoughts!! Keep them coming!


Lora said...

Do these posts more often, I love it! By the way.. My baby name vote is Eli. I LOVE that name.

MamaTina said...

I hear you about the hair cut. You could go get a shampoo and style, same fun with out the cut. Might even be cheaper than a cut.