Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pregnancy Ups and Downs

So there are advantages and disadvantages to being pregnant. The obvious disadvantage is the increase in circumference. The really unfair thing is that it is not just an increase in the belly region, which would be ok because that is where your sweet little baby is growing. Your face gets fat, your butt and thighs get bigger, and your feet get bigger. Why the feet? There is no baby growing there. They are the farthest thing from the belly. I went to buy new shoes at the first of January, just simple black flats to wear to church. The 8's were to small, but the 8 1/2's were too big. So I bought a different pair that I didn't like quite as much, but they fit good. After trying them on at home with different outfits, I decided they weren't worth the money, so I took them back and hoped to find a different pair (one that miraculously might have appeared on the shelf since my visit two weeks before). No new options, but the other pair, the one that I really liked, but needed an 8 1/4 (which they don't make; I know because I asked) was still there. I guess the good news is that the 8 1/2 now fits, and is even a little snug. So I bought the cute pair I liked in the first place. The bad news is that the 8 1/2 now fits. Snugly.

One great advantage of a big belly is the built in shelf. Davis likes to sit next to me and rest his head on my belly while we watch cartoons. He is also much more snugly now that I am . . . softer. And just the other day I was eating a late lunch after Davis went down for a nap and I could rest the plate on my belly, right below my mouth at the perfect scooping level, while watching tv. It works great for bowls of ice cream, too.


Anonymous said...

Ah - the joys of motherhood!


Melissa said...

I saw you on Sunday and I think you look adorable! I know how you feel though. Why do we do this to ourselves over and over again? It's a good thing these little ones of ours are so dang cute. And if baby #2 is anything like Davis, your going to have some super cute little ones!