Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let's Talk About the Elephant

Davis comes in with me in bed in the morning. I love it. He cuddles, plays, talks . . . never goes back to sleep as I foolishly hope each morning.

A few mornings ago, Davis climbed over me, nestled into the crook of my arm, and said, "Let's talk about the elephant at the zoo." I was speechless for a split second because of how articulate and conversational his sentence was. We had gone to the zoo a few weeks ago, and the following morning had talked in bed about the animals we had seen. Apparently, Davis enjoyed the conversation and wanted to do it again.

After discussing the daddy, mommy, and baby elephant, Davis said, "What else did we see at the zoo, Mom?" So we talked about every other animal at the zoo I could remember (the big horn sheep made a big impression on our last visit, so it got a little extra conversational time). Such a funny boy!

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Anonymous said...

His thought processes are way beyond a normal 2 yr. old! But this is a proud grandma talking...