Thursday, October 21, 2010

"I'm a naked boy!"

Yesterday I tried to put Davis down for an early nap (mostly because I was so tired). Of course, it didn't work and so Davis got to stay up a little longer and play. So I tried again 45 minutes later. And. . . silence. For about 15 minutes. "Finally!" I thought as I settled down to catch up on some recorded TV shows. Then I heard the door crack open and I looked up to see Davis standing triumphantly at the top of the stairs, completely naked.

"Mama, I'm a naked boy!"

Well, yes, he certainly was. I tried to hide my laughter because this really wasn't behavior I wanted to encourage. I took him back upstairs, where his clothes were strewn from the bed to the door. I knew he could get his pants off. I also knew he could get his diaper off with a little extra work. It was the shirt that was the surprise. I guess we can check that off the skills list.

I talked him into at least putting a diaper back on and asked if he wanted to take a nap naked. He said yes, so into bed he went. I had hardly sat back down downstairs when he yanked the door open and stated again, "I'm a naked boy!" Yep, the diaper had come off. So we walked back upstairs and he started laughing.

"Davis funny!" He said confidently.
"No!" I said, equally confident (It was less funny the second time.)
"Diaper funny?"
"Mama funny?"

I realized the nap was just not to be, so he got to run around "naked" (with a diaper) for awhile.

Luckily this story is not only funny (My mom called in the middle of it all and I told her what had happened and she thought it was soooo funny.), but it also has a sweet ending. A long while later, still being tired to the bone, I told Davis that we were going upstairs to take a nap and that I would sleep on his floor. So he obediently followed, climbed into bed, and watched as I settled down on the floor with a pillow and blanket. And then slid off the bed, laid down on the pillow, jumped back up on the bed, threw his blanket across the room, ran over my legs to get the blanket, laid down on the pillow, jumped on the bed, slid down off the bed, . . . All while I dozed on and off. Finally he laid down on the pillow next to me, snuggled right up knee to knee and nose to nose, threw his arm over mine and fell fast asleep. My sweet little naked boy (with a diaper still on)looked even sweeter when he was fast asleep. We both got a good little nap.

When he woke up I said, "We both took a snooze on the big pillow. That's so silly."
"No funny or yes funny?" he asked.
"Yes funny, sweet boy."

I'm a lucky mom!

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Anonymous said...

One of the sweet joys of motherhood! I'm so glad you were there for him! It's obvious he loves you and you love him. You are both VERY lucky!