Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little beer with your eggplant?

Last week I got my garden planted. I love getting my garden planted. By September, I hate my garden and am ready to be done. But for now. . .yea! I have never been very successful getting things to grow from seed (except zucchini), but this week I have a row of little, tiny radishes, planted from seed, springing up!

I also planted quite a few veggie plants (it's nice to have instant gratification and look out and seek green plants growing already). And just like last year, the snails are having a heyday. Specifically, they are feasting on my eggplant plant. Last year I used little snail bait pellets and they worked great, but this year Davis loves the garden, and, unfortunately, he is still putting everything in his mouth, so poisonous snail bait pellets are out of the question. Therefore, we are trying the home remedy I have heard works wonders: beer - something about drawing them in and then they drown? Yep, I've got two platefuls of beer out in my garden tonight and hopefully it will keep the snails at bay. Honestly, I am hoping it will be the death of them.

And just to check my facts, I looked it up online halfway through writing this post and learned it is supposed to be a deep container, sunk to ground level. Oh well. To dark now to change it. Maybe the snails will just get drunk and too confused to find my fragile little plants.


Kaija said...

Ha Ha! I love that post! Drunken funny! Way to garden! I don't have patience. I want it NOW! Well hope you're enjoying the first signs of summer! finally sunshine huh!

Lisa D said...

My question was it buying the beer...I think I would be too chicken (embarrassed) to buy it. Hope it works!