Monday, May 24, 2010

Hide-and-Go-Seek: Family Edition

Sunday afternoon we played our first family game of hide-and-go-seek. And we all loved it. I think it started as the oft played game of "Davis hide behind the chair and Mama come find him," but then we added counting, and Darren joined in. We took turns hiding with Davis, then counting with Davis. Unfortunately, Davis already knows all the good hiding places downstairs and it didn't take him long to find whichever parent was hiding. So we moved it upstairs and a whole new world of possibilities opened up.

Davis seemed to enjoy the seeking most, so Darren and I found ourselves maneuvering our adult bodies into child-sized hiding places. The funniest part was when Darren crawled under the crib and sat in the corner (our crib is diagonal across a corner, so there is a little space behind it). Davis found him quickly, crawled under to say hello, then quickly wriggled back. Then Darren tried to get out. First came his big feet (not to say they are bigger than usual, just bigger than Davis's), then legs. . . then a pause. So there was a grown man, laying on his back under the crib, with his legs sticking out the front, wicked-witch-of-the-west style. Hilarious! He finally got out and the game continued. I claimed the best hiding spot - on the bed, under the covers. Neither of my men could find me until I started to move my feet around because I was suffocating.

Then Davis decided he wanted to hide by himself downstairs. So Darren and I started counting and we could hear Davis join in, ". . . 9, 10!" We came downstairs and saw him behind the chair, so we headed into the kitchen calling, "Where is Davis? I don't know. Where could he be?" I heard little footsteps following behind me. Darren said, "Is he under the piano?" And then Davis's cute little voice pipes up enthusiastically from the back, "Yeah!" Hilarious, again!

We all enjoyed the game, laughed alot, and made some fun memories together (granted, Davis won't remember, but we'll tell him all about it).


Anonymous said...

What a lucky little boy to have two parents who will play hide and seek with him!


Kaija said...

I Love it! What fun cute memories! How fun! I was laughing when I pictured tall Darren stuck! Hilarious! When I have kids I want to play hide and're a good mom!!