Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Project 52: Spouse vs. Spouse

Last night Davis decided he wanted to wake up and join our date, after having been asleep for only 30 min or so. I went up to get him from his bed after letting him cry for a bit and he proudly said, "Big snooze." He felt he had slept long enough and was ready to play some more. So, being a better wife than mother, I put a movie on to keep him entertained and we went ahead with our date.

We played "The Celestial Companions Game," a game kind of like the Newlyweds show, where one spouse is asked a question, writes down their answer, and the other spouse answers the question out loud, hoping for the same answer. Our game is supposed to be played with other couples, but we adjusted the scoring system so we could play spouse vs. spouse.

It was fun to try to remember past events (What did your wife wear on your first date? - neither of us could remember!) or try to figure out favorites (What is your husbands favorite vegetable? - asparagus). Even though we kept score (Darren won), it was so much fun when we both said the same answer and realized that we are getting to know each other better and better.


Anna said...

I love this idea! I'll have to remember it for when it's my turn to plan again.

Shauna said...

Ooooh.. I love any version of games similar to the Newlyweds Game. That sounds like great fun!

chereemoore said...

that sounds like a fun game. We play something similar when my extended family gets together - it's hysterical to hear how well my aunts/uncles/parents/grandparents know each other after YEARS of marriage.

Tiffany said...

that does sound like a fun game! it's interesting what we remember and what we forget. thanks for sharing!
tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}