Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mothers Day Shopping

Today Darren watched Davis while I went shopping. By myself. Wherever I wanted to go. And I could look at the same thing for as long as I wanted while I decided whether or not I really needed it. It was wonderful!

I have been wanting a salad spinner for awhile and so I asked Darren if it would be ok if I picked out my own Mothers Day present and he was ok with that. So I grabbed my coupons and headed out. I found the last spinner on sale, used my coupon and got a great deal. Then, because I had chosen uncharacteristically fast, I decided to do a little more shopping. I found some great clothes on a great sale and used a great coupon so that they were, literally, just a few dollars! There is nothing better than shopping and finding things you really love, especially for a great deal. Except maybe doing it without kids along! Thanks, Darren!

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Kaija said...

Good for you! You totally deserve a salad spinner and clothes. Way to use coupons! When can we get together and maybe watch some "Friends?" we MUST!