Saturday, May 15, 2010

The moon ate your stick?

This is the conversation I had with Davis yesterday evening while we were out playing in the yard. He was picking up little sticks, bringing them to me, and then we took turns throwing them up in the air.

Davis: "Davis throw stick way up."
Me: "Yeah, Davis throws his stick way up."
Davis: "Moon"
Me: "You threw your stick way up to the moon?"
Davis: "Yeah. Eat."
Me: "Um, the moon ate your stick?"
Davis: "Yeah. Moon eat stick."

As we were having this conversation, I was thinking I had a pretty smart kid, to be saying all this before he is even two, and to be putting simple concepts together. Then we got to the part about the moon eating the stick. Now I'm not so sure.


Kim said...

I think it's perfectly logical for the moon to eat the stick! Davis was just making an astute observation. :)

Kaija said...

Ha ha that's cute! If the cow can jump over the moon, why can't the moon eat the stick. come ON Marian!