Saturday, May 15, 2010

Blessings Abound!

I just have to take a minute and count my many blessings. . .
* The sun is finally shining!
* We can record TV shows (yes, I know, this is not a new concept to most, but we just ran our antenna TV through the computer so we can record and it is wonderful!).
* My brother Matt is staying with us for the summer and he is so helpful . . washes dishes, cooks, babysits, mows the lawn (not yet, but he's promised).
* Did I already mention the sun? Which means we can play outside all time.
And, drum roll please . . .
* Darren got a new position as trainer and will work Mon-Fri during the day and we are finally done with the stupid swing shift!

This moment in time is what I need to remember . . . that life really can get pretty close to perfect. Great husband, super cute little boy, and everything I could ever need.

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Anonymous said...

Your life is so full of blessings! Keep counting!