Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just catching up

I haven't posted for awhile and so this post is going to try to catch up.
We had our first incident of writing on the wall last week. I was making dinner and Davis wanted to use a pencil he could see on the table, so I sat him up to the table, gave him the pencil, and let him draw on a newspaper. Then I forgot about the pencil. And the fact that Davis had it. Until he came running into the kitchen (yes, I also missed the fact that he had left the table) telling me that he had dropped the pencil down the heater vent. Then I turned the corner into the living room and saw what he had been working on before he lost the pencil. He only draws straight lines so far and there were long straight pencil lines covering about 2 feet of wall space. He thought it was really fun when I gave him a wipe and made him help me clean it off.

I finally got him to make his happy face successfully for the camera. Not just a smile, but a wide open view of his tonsils. Gotta love that face!

We had Darren's family over for Easter dinner and did a little Easter egg hunt out in the back yard. It was Davis's first, but he got the hand of it right away. He loved finding the eggs and putting them in the bag (I had forgotten to get Easter baskets!). Nana was entertaining Davis's little cousin by throwing the same egg in a different spot so she could keep finding it, and Davis thought that looked like fun, so both the little ones were throwing eggs around and thinking it was a fantastic game.

Davis also learned the joy of M&M's. But he calls them "M uh M uh M's." I tried to get it on video, but of course he wouldn't say it the first try and the second try he said it with his hand in his mouth.

Little projects:
I finally finished making curtains for my bathroom. I thought it would be simple, and I suppose it would have been for most people, but I couldn't sew a straight line to save my life. The sides dipped in a good half inch and the bottom hem looked like a drunk trying to walk a straight line. But once I got them up, you couldn't really tell and I was quite proud of my domesticity.

I also painted a few wooden blocks and mod podged a picture of Davis on one of them, and a favorite saying on the others. Just paint the blocks (I bought a long board at Lowes and had them cut it for me), and then use Mod Podge to stick the picture (trimmed to the right size) to the block and another coat on top to seal it. It's a fun way to display pictures instead of using a frame.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I loved the baby animals at the Jensen Historical Farm this morning!!


Shannon said...

M&M's bring be a lot of joy also. I love your craft projects. I don't think I would ever dare attempt curtains, but I think it looks great. I can't believe how big Davis is getting!