Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Animals at the American West Heritage Center

This weekend is Baby Animals Days at the American West Heritage Center in Logan and we were planning on taking Davis up. But then we ended up taking my mom up on Wednesday so we decided to see if the baby animals were going to be there early. And sure enough, there were plenty of cute little baby animals to keep one little boy and two grown women busy for quite some time. It turns out that there are thousands that come over the weekend for the big festival, but before that, and the weekend after that, they keep the baby animals and there are far fewer people and no lines to wait in and it's cheaper.

So we had a great time holding baby chicks and ducks and rabbits (when I say "we" I mean me because Davis was afraid of touching them). There were the cutest little baby goats and pigs you could get in the pen with. Davis's favorites were the chicken coop and the big draft horses. There were pony rides (Davis is still a little too small) and train rides (Davis liked watching the train go by and hearing the whistle more than actually riding it, I think). We had a great time and plan to go again next year. Maybe even next weekend!

Baby Animal Days ($8.50 for adults) is April 8-10, and they will have the baby animals without all the hoopla ($5.50 for adults) the following weekend. So worth the trip!

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Celeste said...

That looks like fun!! -and I'm sorry about not cutting your boards! Your project turned out so cute- I need to see them in person!