Thursday, March 18, 2010

No Time for Exercise

We bought a wonderful treadmill in January and I dutifully used it for a week or two. Davis was still taking a morning nap, so that created the perfect time to run on the treadmill. (OK. Run may be exaggerating. But I sure do walk fast and use the incline. Kind of like hiking Mt. Everest. Kind of.) Then Davis stopped taking a morning nap. Now there is no time in my day for exercising. Let me take you through the day and perhaps you can help.

Davis wakes up between 7 am and 8 am. Some of you may think that the perfect time to exercise would be before he wakes up. The problem is, I am still sleeping. So that won't work. Then no morning nap, but alot of playing, tickling, chasing, etc, so perhaps that could count as something.

After lunch, Davis goes down for a nap (finally). Some of you (not the morning ones listed above) might think this would be the perfect time for exercising. But by then I am already dressed and ready for the day (hopefully - if not, I have bigger problems than getting on the treadmill) and who wants to undo all that work and do it again after running (I mean walking uphill). Besides, that is my reading time (again, to be honest, there is a high chance of it actually being nap time for more than just Davis). The afternoon is full of more fun times with Davis.

Bedtime comes around 7 pm (stupid Daylight Savings is wreaking havoc on that). Now those left who have been reading along and have yet to find the perfect time are waving their arms and trying to tell me this would be it. The day is over, so being dressed and looking good doesn't matter anymore. Davis is in bed and down for the count. What more could I ask for? Perhaps the energy I had 12 hours ago? Alas, I am just too lazy and tired by nightfall to do more than put my pj's on and see who's failing to impress Simon on American Idol. There are many nights when I do attempt a few bicep curls, even using weights. I grab a spoon and put it down into the bowl, scoop, and slowly bring it back up to my mouth. Down and up. Down and up. Until the ice cream is all gone.

There must be a few out there who can understand my dilemma (not those who think they can show me where exercise could surely fit in). Perhaps you have some words of advice (not from those who would choose morning, afternoon, and night as possibilities). Or just a little empathy. Maybe if Davis would sleep until 9 am things would work out. I think I will blame this problem on him.


Brittany said...

I bring the kids with me on my runs. I would see if you can get him doing something near you but on his own and run then. Would he put up with a pack and play? Also, I have a GREAT system for running. It is easy (more like simple) to do and it will get you in shape. I LOVE IT! So if you are interested, let me know. I have always hated running, but now that I am running 4 days a week I crave it! Anyway, Good luck.

DeNae said...

I just run up long distance charges on my phone, so I got nuthin'. And my kids are big. What's my excuse??

I know: I'll tell you that it gets WAAAY easier when you have more kids. Yeah, that'll be good for a laugh!


Oh, man. This is a tough one for me too. I have been contemplating getting a jogging stroller so I can go whenever the mood hits and I am not confined to the kid or the husband's schedules.

And about the Riter Mansion-- it was worth the money for me because I REALLY needed to just get away. Honestly, I think I would have paid about any price :) The getaway package logan does makes it cheaper and includes free dinner-- so in that sense, I think it was worth the money we paid. Hope that helps!