Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project 52: Together in the Kitchen for Valentine's Day

Instead of going out to eat for Valentines dinner several years ago, Darren suggested picking a recipe neither one of us has made and cooking it together. It was our first Valentine's together and I thought it sounded so creative and romantic. We made enchiladas and had a great time. Then we got married. And I cooked dinner every night (I might have rounded up with that estimate). And cooking my own Valentine's dinner didn't sound so fun. But Darren was so excited and so we picked Chicken Cordon Bleu, which sounded fancy to say, let alone create it in my own kitchen. It was soooo fun and we really had a great time and the food was excellent (if I do say so myself). Each year, I drag my feet with this tradition, but each year it turns out to be a great thing and I really love cooking with Darren.

So this year Darren chose to make Sinigang, a Philipino dish kind of like soup. He served an LDS mission there and really misses the food. It was nice to just work next to him and talk to him about normal, everyday things for awhile. I will admit that I was not a fan of the finished product, but Darren ate two bowls and said it tasted just like what he had eaten in the Philippines. Luckily, Davis slept through the whole thing and we got to eat in romantic peace.


stephanie said...

That is a wonderful idea!

Celeste said...

Well, Marian, I didn't know you were a blogger! Thanks for hopping over to mine to say hi! I am very impressed that Darren cooks dinner with you for Valentines. And I LOVE the matching aprons. Very sweet!

DeNae said...

Hi Marian! I just popped over to visit, since you did the same over at my place! It sounds like you've come up with a great way to have some quality "spouse" time that works perfectly for you. That really is such a good thing to learn about your marriage!

We've been married 25 years next month, and that's been one of the secrets to our happiness: Finding spouse time.

By the way, if your father-in-law's name is "Leo", I probably babysat your husband!

Tiffany said...

I'm the same way about cooking all the time. But that is a fun idea to cook together, especially when it's something you both never tried to make before. Fun Valentine's Day idea. Thanks for sharing and we'll see you next week!
Tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sounds like fun. Love the aprons too.

Diana Ralphs said...

That sounds like a fun tradition!