Sunday, February 21, 2010

Flowers don't eat ceral. Or bananas. Or milk.

For Valentine's Day, Darren surprised me with beautiful flowers (so sweet!) and to honor such beauty, I have set them out on the table where I can see them often. Every meal, Davis comments on "Mama's pretty flowers (only he says "sh" for the "f" sound so it sound like "showers")."

Yesterday morning at breakfast as he was eating, Davis held out a piece of cereal towards the flowers and said, "Showers (see pronunciation guide above) eat cereal." How sweet he was to want to share his cereal, but I told him that flowers don't eat cereal. To that he replied, "Ca-ca (you know, like something gross is ca-ca)." Yes, I told him, cereal is ca-ca to flowers. A few bites later he held out a piece of banana and said, "Showers eat nana." Again, I had to tell him that flowers don't eat bananas and yes, bananas are ca-ca for flowers. And a little later he offered his sippy cup full of milk to the flowers and we went through the whole conversation again. What a sweet boy I have!

On another note, Davis got new pictures taken yesterday (after the flower lesson). Darren works with the father of the photographer and she was doing a special discount shoot in Layton and Darren was able to get us a spot. Her name is Ryann Lee ( and she did a fantastic job! She played with Davis and really got him comfortable with the toys and really interacted well with him. We will get to see the pictures in about two weeks and I am so excited. The ones she showed me on the camera were great. She even took a few family photos; at that point I was super glad I had at least brushed my hair before we left and put on mascara.

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Diana Ralphs said...

I can hardly wait to see them too!