Friday, February 5, 2010

Garbage Trucks, Snowballs, and Splashing

Yesterday Davis had a great day. It started early in the morning with the coming of the garbage truck. This is a highlight in our week - we get to watch the truck go down the other side and then wait (not so patiently) for it to come back on our side. The nice driver always waves to Davis and he never waves until the truck is at the end of the street where the driver can't see him. Yesterday we also got to see the recycle truck, so it was double the fun!

Then, later in the morning a quick trip to the dollar store (so many new things to see and touch) and the library (Davis: "New books! New books!).

In the afternoon it was such a nice warm (relatively speaking, of course) day that Darren and I took Davis out in the backyard and taught him the joy of snowballs. We tried putting nice warm gloves on him, but they were too big and he couldn't pick up the snow, so we put some smaller, lighter gloves and he went to town making snowballs which were really just little handfuls of snow. But soon enough his hands got cold so on went the warmer gloves and I became his official snowball-maker. I would make nice big ones, then hand them to him and he would hold them between his hands and then toss them as best he could.

From the backyard, we headed out to the front to go on a little walk. About two houses down, there is a little dip in the road and with the warm weather and the snow melting, a nice puddle had formed and it was too hard for Davis to resist. Luckily he had on his boots (not so waterproof we discovered after taking them off) and we just decided he was having too much fun to stop him. Darren hid behind me and got several cute videos before Davis realized the camera was out.

I love it when I can just see his world expanding and his horizons broadening.

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Diana Ralphs said...

Hilarious! I love it! What a joy to watch!