Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Outing to Shopko

This morning, after a failed attempt at a nap, Davis and I took a little trip to Shopko. I had nothing to buy, so I didn't need to spend a certain amount of time in any one spot. Davis got to decide where we went in the store and what we looked at. He was so happy to have the space to walk around. As he walked, looking around to see what to check out next, he kept saying, "Walk. Store. Walk. Store." He is fun to watch because he likes to touch so many things, but he is so good to not take anything off the shelf. It's just like by touching things, he can catalog them in his head and then move on to the next new item. One of the things he loves best is feeling the clothes. But that is where I am so scared I will loose him. As long as we are in the big open walk ways or the aisles, all goes well, but when he get to the clothes section he likes to walk in circles around the racks and by the time I catch up to where he should be, he has started circling another rack and I can't see him. From now on I will stay away from the clothing sections!

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