Saturday, January 23, 2010

Another Haircut

Darren is the barber in our family and does an excellent job on Davis. Usually we pull the rugs out of the bathroom and I hold Davis while Darren uses his clippers. Then I use little blunt children's scissors to trim around the ears and the nape of the neck. And when we are done, all three of us are covered in hair and it covers the floor. So we decided to try something different. I thought if we put Davis in the highchair then I wouldn't have to hold him and Darren could have better access. I must have had a slight brain freeze (do people still say that?) because in my head I imagined Davis would just sit still and it would all go quickly and smoothly.

Nope - Davis had to keep turning his head to try to see the clippers, then about half way through he decided to stand up, then try to climb out. So, in the end, all three of us were covered in hair, it covered the floor, and now it was all over the highchair, too. But it was a great haircut!

Every time we (and I mean Darren) gives Davis a haircut, I spend the rest of the day looking for little hairs that escaped the clippers. And today was no different. Darren had done an exceptionally good job and I only found a few on the top of his head, so I grabbed the scissors and carefully started to clip the ends. At that very moment, Davis jerked his head up slightly and my scissors caught much more than I had planned. So for those that will see him soon, don't look too closely.

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