Friday, January 15, 2010

New to Blogging

Well, I am a bit behind, but finally got my own blog. And I must say, I feel quite victorious at figuring out how to do it myself. I love to eat out, read books, watch movies, and go fun places so I will share my opinion on those things. And, of course, I love my family, so there will be alot about them.

And to start....Davis is 19 months old now and is trying to learn how to jump. He squats down, swings his arms, and .... nothing. Sometimes he falls on his face. And then he gets back up and tries it again.

I was watching a talk show-ok, it was "Ellen" which I love - and she was learning this exercise that looks like you are walking in a squatting position, so I tried it. Davis thought it was super funny and he tried it. Only his attempt was getting down on his tummy and kind of army crawling. He was pretty proud of himself.

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Kim said...

That's a hilarious description of Davis trying to jump. Love it!