Friday, January 15, 2010

Fun Places to Go in the Winter

So, we have been a few fun places this winter.
Treehouse Museum (Ogden): Davis loves this place! His favorite parts are the farm animals and the fish tank. If you go on Monday morning or Wed afternoon during Toddler Time it is much cheaper (adults $1, kids $3) - you just have to deal with more kids.

Living Planet Aquarium (Draper): Again, Davis loved this place. Mostly because of the fish. There are lots of cool fish and frogs and other watery things. A little pricey (I think adults are $8, little kids are free).

Train Museum at Union Station (Ogden): Lots of reading if you really want to learn about trains and the history of trains in Ogden. Some cool things to climb on if you are a kid. And an extensive running model train that goes through the back part of the museum - that is Davis's favorite part, aside from running up and down the ramps. (Adults $5 for all the museums there, little kids free)

Our two all-time favorite places in the summer are:
Hogle Zoo (Salt Lake): $9 for adults, under 2 free. We finally bought a membership after three visits in as many months.

Beus Pond (Ogden): Free! Davis loves to watch all the birds. And when I say watch I mean try to catch them. I love the quiet walking trail around the pond. And there is a great little playground up above if I have enough energy to help him up and down the slide. Over and over.

So, now we are looking for other fun places to visit this winter. Any ideas? Anyone want to come along?

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