Thursday, December 15, 2016

Davis, Nov 2016

Davis loves sports.  His top two go back and forth between golf and basketball.  He also loves soccer.  And likes baseball.  He loves playing on the Jr Jazz team, with games on Saturdays and practice right before the games.

Davis also loves his little sister.  He likes to take care of her and hold her, although she doesn't like being held anymore.  He fights to have her sit by him and lay by him in bed.  He likes to get her up in the morning and make her happy.

Davis LOVES playing games.  Current favorites are Parcheesi, chess, Uno, and Skipbo.  He remembers all the rules and is becoming a legitimate player.  In the picture, we had stopped by GG's to visit one Sunday evening and he talked her into playing marbles with him.

Davis also really likes photography.  He will take advantage of any opportunity to use a camera or phone to take pictures.  While hiking in Estes Park this summer, he took 40 or so pictures of squirrels, trying to get them doing different things, zooming in so he could see their little faces.  He entered one of the pictures in the Reflections contest this year and got 2nd place.

Davis spends hours outside, playing ball, squirting water (with or without my permission), digging in the dirt of the empty garden.  If he's in a generous mood, he will work hard if we give him a job.  He likes to rake the leaves into piles, but only for jumping in.  The bagging part isn't his favorite.  When it snows, he likes to shovel the driveway, but only so he can build a higher wall and make a fort or slide.  Whenever we go to Ferron, we will help Grandpa with all the chores outside.  One afternoon, he helped rake a giant pile of leaves and shaped them into the shape of a fighter jet.  He "flew" that jet for a long time. I love that his brain hasn't been turned to mush by the inevitable pull of "screen time," and that he still has the imagination to create and live in a story of his making.

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Anonymous said...

It's so wonderful that you encourage him to keep that imaginative mind active!