Thursday, November 3, 2016

Grand Tetons, Aug. 2016

Only our family, and later Jackie and Steve, went up to Star Valley to visit GG this year.  So, we decided to take a day and drive up through Jackson Hole and then to the Grand Tetons.  Those are the majestic mountains that are sung about.  They were beautiful and the clear mountain lakes were amazing.  We spent some time at String Lake, one of the glacial lakes that is actually warm enough for swimming and other activities.  I hadn't put in swimming suits, but I had extra clothes for the kids with us and so they went swimming with their clothes and changes behind a towel when they were done.  Eva wasn't really a fan of the rocks in the lake under feet or the cool water.

I apparently didn't take any other pics in Star Valley, except Eva with her fake smile.

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Anonymous said...

I love her "fake" smile!