Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Swimming Lessons, 2016

The best thing this summer . . . private swimming lessons.  After two weeks of lessons last year, Noah still wouldn't put his head under water or get his face wet.  No progress.  Money wasted.  So I found a lady in Kaysville that does private lessons, and trains two girls to also teach, and enrolled both Noah and Davis.  Davis really learned the strokes well.  And Noah - well, that was a miracle.  On the first lesson, he screamed and screamed.  The teacher counted to three and dunked him anyway.  As he got out, I apologized to her (he may have been screaming that he hated swimming lessons and didn't like her) and she said, "That's ok.  He did well - by the end he was closing his mouth when I put him under."  And by the end of the week he was back floating by himself, jumping in by himself, and had no problem with his face under water!

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