Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Davis's Baptism, July 2, 2016

Davis doesn't share alot about what happens at school or in Primary or other places.  He doesn't share how he feels.  He's a typical boy.  So when we started teaching him about baptism and preparing him, I wasn't sure how much was sinking in.  But I was able to go sit out in the hall while he had his baptismal interview with Bro. Sorenson and Bro. Sorenson (with Davis's permission) shared some of the things Davis said.  And they were so thoughtful and real, said from Davis's perspective.  And now that I am typing this 2 1/2 months later, I have forgotten much of it and wish I had written it down sooner.  But I remember when asked what the prophet taught, Davis said "Not to fight with my brother" and that General Conference helped him remember this.  He had a knowledge and testimony of Joseph Smith's First vision.  He knows who his Savior is and he knows right from wrong.  I was so proud of Davis on the day of his baptism and how . . . grown-up he seemed.  I am grateful that Darren is a worthy priesthood holder and could baptise and confirm Davis

For the program:
Davis and his cousins, Michael, Ben, and James sang the Baptism Song (I Like to Look for Rainbows).  There were two other girls from our ward baptised the same day.  Steve (Bumpa) gave a wonderful talk about the Holy Ghost.  He talked about how he has to wear a hearing aid because he can't hear others talk very well.  Except Noah - he can always hear Noah.  The Holy Ghost can be very quiet and we have to really listen and turn up our hearing aids.

After the baptism, we went to the park near our house for a picnic.

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