Monday, July 11, 2016

May 2016

So, it's July now, I haven't blogged about anything for the last two months.  I am incapable of blogging and playing during the summer.  The next few posts will be an attempt to catch up.  And then keep up.  Wish me luck!

In May:
Davis played baseball and was awesome!
Eva looked awesome at Davis's baseball game!
I had a hard time throwing away Noah's preschool Sound Bag.  Good memories!
Noah and me chillin' on the couch during Eva's naptime.
Eva - the best looking bad guy around!
Eva playing the piano for her baby.
Darren and the kids watching me eat my Mother's Day breakfast in bed.
My Mother's Day breakfast. Sometimes the kids insist on some . . . unusual items, but this year was fairly normal.
Noah and Eva waiting for Kaylee to come play, then Kaylee and Noah, Kaylee's "pet tiger"
The Chalk Art Festival in Bountiful, followed by a soccer game, followed by a trip to Union Station train day for Darren and Noah.
Face paint from a neighborhood festival.
Noah's preschool graduation.
Date night at the Ogden temple.
Saturday morning cleaning chores.
Dress up at Nana's house
Noah and Eva, under the blankets, hiding from me.

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Great memories!