Friday, April 29, 2016

More March Pictures

I seem to have an abundance of random pictures from March.  I really wanted to capture everyday life here at the Buttars home.  We do weird things.  We do random things.  We do fun things.  We do boring things.
-I tried my hand at something a little more fancy for Eva's hair.  Turned out well until after naptime.
-Noah playing with his good friend, Kaylee Olson, who is moving soon and we will miss their family!
-Noah and Eva "reading" in the sunlight.
-random family pics
-Davis's second grade program
-Eva fell in love with a new backpack Darren brought home from a conference.
-One day Eva only wanted to wear her new blue hat, carry her new blue purse, and wear her pink sandals.  Nothing else.  I had to talk her into a shirt and a skirt.
-Spring break turned out to be a bit of a bummer.  It rained or snowed almost every day of the week.  We went to the bounce house in the mall.  We visited Heather up in Hyrum and Amanda and baby Felicity up in Logan.  We went out for breakfast.  And the boys got to play the wii alot.

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