Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Fun Things We Did in March

A trip to Hogle zoo.

Saturday afternoon matinee to see Zootopia with the Birds.  Noah was scared of everything and slept in my bed for a week after!

We acted out Daniel and the Lion's Den for Family Home Evening.

Jeanette's birthday dinner at The Spaghetti Factory

A trip to the Treehouse Museum.  We haven't been since Eva was a little baby and Eva and Noah had a great time!  Noah's favorite is the imaginative play area with horses and castles and knights and dragons.  Eva's was the baby nursery.  Both my boys have always loved the big maps, where it asks you a question and you have to stand on the picture that represents the answer.

We got out paper cups and built castles.

But then they fell down and Davis had a big melt down.  Apparently, a larger amount of emotional stability is needed to work with such fickle building supplies.

After awhile, he decided to try again and was successful.

Making chocolate waffles on a Saturday morning.

My boys always love masks, and this Saturday morning Davis was a gazelle and Noah was a tiger.  They had to go outside so they could properly recreate the hunt.

We watched Max, Bennett, and Kate overnight one Saturday for Jeanette and Nic.  Davis loved helping with Kate and keeping her happy.

Nana gave Eva a bunny for her birthday and Eva sure does love it!  It had to go with us to pick Davis up from school on this day.

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