Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Miss Eva with Her Own Fashion Sense

Eva now has her own opinions about what she wears.  Usually she wants a skirt and pretty shoes and a bow in her hair.  Some days she wants 4 or 5 bows in her hair.  She lets me put leggings on underneath (because it's still winter) and sometimes she lets me choose the shirt.  But she is growing so fast we are constantly on the hunt for church shoes, aka "pretty shoes," that will fit her chubby little feet.  I love seeing her all dressed and excited about being a girl.  Sometimes I wish I could dress her how I  want to, but most of the time I love seeing her own personality shine through.

The cradle in the last picture is one that Jackie made for her girls when they were little.  I repainted it and Eva has loved putting her babies to bed there.

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Anonymous said...

It's so fun having a daughter!