Saturday, January 30, 2016

Christmas Day, Dec. 2015

The boys were up bright and early, waiting for 6:30 am, the time we told them they had to wait until before coming to get us and going downstairs.  All the presents I had stressed over choosing were a big hit and the morning was so fun.  This was our first Christmas in our new house and I loved opening presents downstairs by the fireplace.  Eva didn't wake up until almost 8!  So we opened presents without her and let her open her's later.  Crepes for breakfast before heading to GG's house for ham and hash browns and toast and more presents.  

Later that day we had Jeanette and Nic over for Christmas dinner and I cooked my first rib roast.  Oh. My.  Gosh. It was the most delicious roast I have ever had.  And the rest of the meal was so perfect!  It was a great Christmas day!

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Looks so fun!