Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Noah's First Days of Preschool

Yes, we counted two first days of preschool for Noah.  First when he went to be tested.  He was so excited to go to preschool and he really wanted to wear his backpack, so I let him think it was a real first day of preschool.  Then he got to have another real, real first day of preschool.  He has really liked preschool.  Except the minute or two betweeen when his ride pulls into the driveway and I get him seat belted in. (A neighbor who has a little boy in Noah's class takes them both to school and I pick them up).  He will wait out on the curb, so excited for preschool, and as soon as she pulls up, he runs and hides behind the stroller and I have to carry him to the car.

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Anonymous said...

So unique and so wonderful!