Sunday, October 18, 2015

Bear Lake with the Ralphs, Aug 2015

Amanda's grandma let us stay in their cabin on the east side of Bear Lake.  We had a wonderful time in one of my most favorite places.  (Photography credit must go where it is deserved - Matt took the really great last half of the pictures, with Dad filling in for a bit with the camera.

There had been fires in neighboring states, cause alot of smogginess in the air.  But it made for amazing red sunsets.  The evenings were warm and magical, playing in the water as the sun set and roasting marshmallows in the firepit at the cabin.

Davis and his cousins stayed busy for hours on the beach where the water met the sand.  They created rivers and buildings and cities.  Then they buried each other.  Good times.

Eva wasn't sure about the sand and the water at first.  But after a minute of holding her while she tried to climb up my leg like a firepole, she finally, slowly, put her feet down in the water and realized the wonderfullness she was missing.  She walked out in the water with Grandma.  She walked out in the water with me.  Then it was naptime and she went back to the cabin with Darren.

I think the highlight of the beach for the adults was the kayak.  We each took turns and Mom fell in love with it.  I am pretty sure a kayak is now at the top of her Christmas list.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Such a good time! I hope we can do that again!