Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Oh, What Do You Do In the Summertime? June 2015

Swimming lessons . . . Davis loved them and really improved.  Noah did not like them and would not put his face in the water.  Maybe next year.

Lots of picnics . . . we loved trying new parks.  Eva still takes two naps a day, so lunchtime was the perfect time for going out, although we found the park equipment was a little too hot to play on at that time.  We would follow trails and see the birds and little rivers and other things the parks had to offer.

School time for both the boys, shirts optional.  They each would have a short worksheet or activity and then they would write or draw in their journals.  Some days we also did art projects, which both the boys loved. And of course, 20 minutes of reading.

Slip and Slide.  Thanks, Grandma!

And popsicles.  Lots of popsicles!

And always random things. Like meet Captain America at the park.  Or try on life jackets.  

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