Monday, September 21, 2015

Bear Lake, July 2015 (with the Buttars)

I have always loved Bear Lake.  I remember going there for the day as a family when I was younger.  We would pack a cooler, our towel, and the big, black tire inner tubes and drive up and then all the way around to the east side of the lake because Dad hated crowds.  We would stop at the little convenience store just as you turn to go to North Beach and pump up the inner tubes.  Once at the lake, we would play frisbee and float around and build sand castles.  Dad would lay on his towel and read, and eventually fall asleep with his hat on his face.  We didn't take a shade canopy and we didn't have boats or wave runners or anything fancy.  I really love those memories.

This trip, we stayed at the WorldMark condos on the west side of of the lake.  We went over the 4th of July weekend, which we will never do again.  People were two families deep along the North Beach and the water was full of people and boats and floaties.  But we had a great time with the Buttars family.  Shera and her family, including Danny's kids, and Lora and her family and Jackie and Steve were all there.  The two boys were so busy playing with cousins and digging holes and floating on tubes that they didn't even need me.  Well, except at lunch time, because I had all the food.  Eva hated the water and the sand and the lack of a place to nap.  Not her favorite vacation.

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