Thursday, September 24, 2015

Alldredge Reunion, Millsite Dam, July 2015

Alldredge Reunion = over 100 people.  Mom was in charge and chose to host it at Millsite Dam.  Some people stayed at Mom and Dad's house.  Some stayed at Gilly's.  Some camped.  Turns out there is a lot of wind during the night at Millsite Dam.  Like Dorothy and Toto end up in Oz kind of wind.  The first night it kept all of us up, the kids because of the noise and me because I was sure the tent was going to fly away or collapse or both.  The second night everyone else slept through it all.  I was still worried about the same things.

But it was still so much fun!  So many of my cousins and their many children were there.  We did some canoeing and eating (a whole pig roasted in a pit!) and some hiking (Rochester Panel) and some singing (Three Little Piggies, Shortnin' Bread) and lots of chatting and catching up.  The pictures of hunting are from after the reunion.  Dad thought the boys in his family might want to shoot some prairie dogs.  And the boys (by boys I mean his sons and sons-in-law) in his family agreed wholeheartedly with that idea.

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Great pictures of a fun time!