Thursday, June 11, 2015

Words from Noah

I am still trying to catch up on past posts, but I had to write a few funny things Noah has said lately so I could throw away the scratch paper I had hastily written them on.

This one was reported by Grandma, who was watching the kids while Darren and I were in Las Vegas.
First thing in the morning:
Grandma: Noah, did you have a good sleep?
Noah:  Yes.  And Pup had a better sleep than me. (as he pats Pup gently)

At breakfast yesterday, while we were discussing Davis's birthday:
Noah:  4 more days until my other birthday!
Me:  No
Noah:  (with a very sad face and sad voice)  I'm not going to have an other birthday?
Me:  No.  Just your real birthday.

A few days ago, after getting out of the car by himself, Noah walks in with a black smudge on his nose.  I told him to go into the bathroom and wash it off.
Noah:  (coming out of the bathroom for his second try at getting his nose clean)  My nose isn't black anymore.
Me:  How did you clean it?
As an answer, Noah proudly hold his electric toothbrush high in the air. 

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Anonymous said...

My favorite is the toothbrush one!