Saturday, June 13, 2015

Noah's 4th Birthday, April 19th!

My baby boy is 4.  He is the sweetest, most loving boy.  He laughs alot and cries alot and plays alot and has the biggest imagination I have ever seen.  Noah loves to watch tv shows (Wild Kratts, Octonauts, Rescue Bots) and movies and play games on the ipad and listen  to books.  He is always lost in some imaginary world, populated with dinosaurs and tigers and lions and superheros.  He loves fruit and string cheese and yogurt and jelly beans (Jelly Bellies and Starburst Jelly Beans).

He had planned his birthday for almost a year - he wanted a lion birthday party.  I didn't some "research" on pinterest, but hadn't planned or bought anything as of a week before his birthday.  Then out of the blue he changes his mind to dragons.  Ok - dragons it is.  Wait, no, he wants . . . I don't even remember what he wanted.  In the end, as in two days before his birthday, he settled on an African Savannah theme.  I may have nudged him that way because we already had so many things to go along with that.  I made him a lion mane hat to wear and we hung up pictures of African Savannah animals and made a savannah birthday cake.  We had lots of family come for the festivities.

With every present he opened, Noah would exclaim, "Oh!  I've always wanted one of these!  Thanks (fill in the blank)."  He was so excited about everything.  One gift, I don't remember which one, he said, "I've always wanted one of these!  What is it?"

GG gave Noah some little spongy sea animals that grow in water and Noah loved them.  He lined his cars and animals up around the cup to watch the spectacle.  Aunt Kim sent Noah a Captain America shield, which added nicely to his collection of superhero gear.  He has also spend countless hours looking at the superhero story book Grandma gave him and slaying the wild blowup animals Aunt Jeanette gave him.

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What a great little 4 year old!