Saturday, March 14, 2015

All About Davis

Davis loves corn dogs and macaroni and cheese.  He loves the goulash I make (hamburger, noddles, cream of chicken soup, fiesta nacho cheese soup) and broccoli.  He does not like most cheese, Darren's spaghetti, sometimes yogurt, and most of the time milk.  He can make scrambled eggs by himself from start to finish.  He is good at pancakes and brownies with a little help.  He gets upset whenever I make cookies or cake or batter-based goodies without him.

Davis is more athletic than I ever expected.  (He used to hit his head on the wall when he got upset and he took soooo long to learn to walk.)  His favorite sport changes with whatever sport the kids are playing at school.  At the top is soccer and he is very good at it.  He is very fast and likes to race.  Right now he is playing basketball at school recess and loves it.  Any time the weather is warm enough, he begs Darren to go out and play soccer in the backyard or shoot hoops with our little hoop.

When Darren asked Davis what job he wanted when he grew up, Davis replied, "A policeman or a construction worker."  I asked why a construction worker? "Because I like to build things," he said.  Why a policeman?  "Because I already play good guy vs bad guy."  Both good reasons.

Davis is hating reading less as he learns more words.  He still reads like his mom - skims as he goes.  Unfortunately, he gets lots of words wrong because he looks at the first letter of the word and guesses the rest.  He has started his first chapter book, Magic Tree House #1, and is slowly moving through it.  He enjoys studying for his weekly spelling tests and remembers what he studies well.  He regularly gets 10/10 and often gets several of the challenge words correct.

With all that smart in his brain comes a bit of smart alec.  He doesn't like to listen to others much and has a problem with his tongue sticking out or his whiny "eehh" escaping when he doesn't like the answer to his question.  He can be a bit of a bad example to Noah, who would follow Davis anywhere.  That is why I don't take both of them together to the library.  Or the grocery store.  Or anywhere I need to get things done.

Davis loves his brother and sister.  If he could hold Eva and lug her around all day, I think he would.  When he and Noah get up early in the morning, Davis will read stories to Noah or they will go downstairs and play and play and play.  They get along fantastically until me or Darren are up, then they start to disagree and fight for attention.  When Noah is sad, Davis will do what he can to make him laugh.

Davis has a funny sense of humor and a cute, mischievous smile that makes me laugh.  We love having him in the family.  He is a good example to us all because he is often the one who reminds us to have family prayer at night and family home evening on Mondays nights.  He is a big help with Eva and a good brother to Noah.  We love Davis!

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Anonymous said...

Davis is an amazing boy! And we love him too!