Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah!

I asked Noah who he wanted to invite to his birthday party (just a family party).  He said "Maxi-waxi."  I asked if he wanted anyone else.  He emphatically told me "NO!"  But when the day came he was fine with having family there because he realized everyone had brought him presents.  :)

I also asked Noah what he wanted for his birthday.  Nothing.  That's what he told me.  I should have taken his advice I suppose, because I probably won't hear that again.  Ever.  But after some thought he decided he wanted another Mater truck and a toy animal.  We have sooooo many cars and trucks and at least one of them is Mater.  We also have soooooo many toy animals.  He didn't get either of those things.  We bought him a wiggle car in his current favorite color - green.  We also bought one for Davis (red, is favorite color at the moment) so Noah wouldn't have to share.

Noah had decided on having a great white shark party many months ago.  And he stuck with that plan.  So we had blue cupcakes with shark sprinkles and Nana drew a very cool shark poster. And because he loves them - another Easter egg hunt.  We didn't even try to tie it in with the theme.

Beckum was a total Easter Egg Hunt expert!

Jeanette and Bennett - hunting Easter eggs with us again:)

GG, Noah, Davis, Beckum

Bumpa and Noah

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