Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Davis's First Soccer Game Sept 2013

All these firsts for us.  It's kind of bewildering to go through all these new experiences and have no idea what to expect and what is going on.  Soccer was one of those.  News to us: if you sign up for the fall, you also get to play in the spring; no practices, just games; only 5 kids on a team; no bathrooms at the soccer fields (who planned that?).

But Davis loved it.  And it was fun to see him in a new situation and adapt well.  We have some work to do on sporstmanship, but I suppose that will come with time.  After the other team scored, Davis pouted a bit and told us (on the sidelines) that he would just push the other boy next time. I would like to say we were very clear that this was not ok, but apparently we weren't clear enough, because he actually did that in another game.  But all in all, it was a great season and Davis is excited for the spring so he can play again.

Before the game we took pictures (of course) and this is the pose Davis did without any prompting.  And I took several pictures of Noah, looking so cute cheering on his brother, and this was the cheesy grin I got in all of them. :)

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Anonymous said...

And all this shall be for your experience! Soccer is a good experience for both Davis and you.