Saturday, December 7, 2013

Things We Love . . . Aug 2013

Do you know what we love?  Warm, summer mornings.  I cringe and cry a little inside as I type this because it is Dec. 4 and it was 6 degrees when I took Davis to school today.  Ugg.  We really, really love warm summer mornings.  And this post is about pictures from August when there were warm, summer mornings. The boys would finish their breakfast and then escape out the door to play in the front yard.  There was no schedule, so they still had their pajamas on.  They really loved wearing their pajamas.  And I really loved watching them this morning, because they acted like cute brothers, conspiring against the adults in their lives and just chillin' and chattin' in outside in their pj's.

Do you know what Davis loves?  Fixing things.  And helping his dad fix things.  In August they fixed sprinklers and trimmed the grass that was trying to take over the sidewalk and driveway.

Do you know what Noah loves?  A bare belly.  It's a fight I quit fighting.  A bare belly is now the standard for him.  And bare feet.  Oh, and a pretend mad face.  Have you ever seen such a cute mad face?

We also love going to movies.  To celebrate the end of summer (and, for the moms, to commiserate the end of an era - our little boys were going to school!), we saw several movies at the theater; Despicable Me 2 with Nana and Ty and Livy and Beckum, and Planes with Natalie and Payson and Tytan.

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Anonymous said...

These boys are the cutest! Not only brothers, but "sometimes" friends too. These are delightful pictures!