Sunday, November 3, 2013

Summer 2013 . . . Misc Summer Fun in July

One of the boys', and I mean all my "boys," favorite things to do in the summer is wash the car.  Darren has buckets and soap and sponges that he keeps handy for just the right Saturday afternoon.  Or weekday evening.  Or anytime really.  This year Noah joined the fun and Darren's well-oiled car-washing system was shaken just a bit.  Noah's favorite part was the soapy water, and much to Darren's frustration, Noah didn't really understand that soaping the car is only part of the process.  He wanted to do it first, middle, and end.

And a random picture of my very handsome Noah, taking on the family pastime of golfing.

And another random picture of my very handsome, and brave, Davis, at a new park we found in North Ogden that Davis dubbed the "Fish Park."

And Saturday morning as it should be  . . . cartoons, pj's, and a superhero cape!

And brotherly love in all it's sunshiny glory. :)

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Diana Ralphs said...

I love theses pictures and I love these boys!